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Winds of Joy

Tuesday, 22 November, 2022

The Winds Of Joy program offers sailing opportunities to children with disabilities. For many it’s a small step on the journey towards accepting their circumstances and believing they can achieve more.

Feel the winds of optimism! Accessible Boating program in Sydney. Sign up ASAP as spots are limited.


Important: Greenacres provides support to people with disability to meet their goals. If you are not currently recieving support services from Greenacres, we will need to assess your support needs before we can accept your booking request. There may be limitations on the number of seats at the venue so get your request in early.

How to make a Booking Request:

  1. Click on or tap the button “Add to My Activities”.
  2. Fill in your details in “My Activities”.
  3. Click on or tap the button “Submit”.
  4. We will contact you shortly about your request.